Automation System

Johnson Blinds  is  considered to be the most trusted brand for providing motorized window solutions.


The beauty of motorisation is that , at the push of a button your blinds are controlled.


Motorise blinds can easily be pulled up, down or tilted  and not only does this add value and style to your windows  but they are of great utility when you have large size windows.


Most of the times it is really difficult to operate huge window blinds manually, there Johnson Motorise Blinds serve the purpose.


Any fabric or wood blind can be motorized.


Pre installation services are offered to guide you with electrical points and cost of motorization.


All major brands like SOMFY – FRANCE and ELERO – GERMANY are available with us.


Choice of operating multiple blinds with single remote is also available.


With the improved technology of motors and reasonable pricing, motorisation is now a luxury we can easily afford.